About Us

The foundation of our company was started on Customer Service and 18 years later, this is still our basic principal. We have been fortunate enough to grow and expand over the last 2 decades to having four facilities with 15 employees. Our president, Royce Watson, literally fell into the business some 30 years ago and with his hard work and dedication, we are still going strong in Northern Tennessee and throughout Southern Kentucky. With 2 full time Licensed Prothetist, 5 full time Certified Orthotist, and 2 certified Orthotic Fitters, we have an abundant staff that is ready to meet most any need relating to the O & P field. We provide a wide range of services, starting first with our Prosthetic devices. The majority of all our prothesis are made in one of our 4 "Shops". We are able to custom make each item to any color, size and demeninson that the patient may need or want! Also with the luxury of doing it on site, we are able to make any needed adjustments while the patient is waiting.

We also keep in stock a wide range of orthotic devices. We are capable of not only fitting our patients with the highest quality soft goods item but again with our knowledgeable staff, we are able to make certain that the item has achieved the proper fit. We also service most of the local hospitals in the communities of our 4 locations. With our courtesy, knowledgeable staff, we are able to work closely with the patients doctor so that they may receive the product and service that they deserve. From canes to back braces from crutches to metal bracing, we have all aspects of the orthotics world covered! We strive to maintain the most up to date knowledge so that our patients can and will lead a better quality of life.

Where ever you are in Tennessee and Kentucky, you can guarantee that we are here to serve you. Let our staff show you why we have been in business for almost 20 years. Whether you are looking for a wrist splint for the latest spell of Carpal Tunnel or you are looking for a Prothetist to service your prosthetic needs, you will find a staff waiting with open arms to service the most important person in our life, our patients.

The Owners- Royce & Brad Watson

the owners

About 30 years ago Royce was working in a tobacco barn and literally fell into the world of orthotics & prosthetics. During that long day of work, Royce took one wrong step and opened up a door of opportunities. It was his Orthotist that turned him on to what he could do in this new and exciting world of O & P. He started sweeping floors at the local brace shop and through hard work and dedication, eventually bought the business. From there, Royce expanded his dreams into Clarksville, TN and formed Clarksville Limb & Brace & Rehab, Inc. In 1990, Royce asked his son, Brad, to come on board. It was from there, that they were able to expand into to Russellville, KY in 1993, Bowling Green, KY in 1996 and in Glasgow, KY in 2002. Clarksville Limb & Brace & Rehab, Inc has gone through many changes over the last decade and has been able to keep a steady workforce despite the constant changes in economy, Medicare and requirements for the profession. We are proud to boast that out of 15 employees we have 5 that have been with us for over 10 years. We try to provide as comfortable an atmosphere to our employees that we provide to our patients.